Home Homes Interesting Stone Decorating Ideas in the Interior Design of a Country House

Interesting Stone Decorating Ideas in the Interior Design of a Country House


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What do you think about country home? As for me, I acknowledge that country house is a value to think about home idea to escape from all of the bustle of town. In addition, it is also the home that provides exotic feeling in the interior that is a lot more different from the current house tendencies.

Throughout the floor to ceiling window, the occupant can delight in the outdoor opinion without passing the door. In addition, bringing natural allure inside the home is the stone program on the wall behind the headboard. Yeah, it appears to match the buddy, wooden substance, which is broadly used also in the vibe. Each of the mix of this element produces such stunning effect for comfortable bedroom to relax and sleep.

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It feels like the architect profoundly into the stone art, or so the home is totally designed and decorated with natural stone. Not just the bedroom, look at just how lovely the living space wrapped stylishly using stone. It crafts the nuance firmly to be natural traditional, and anyway due to the fireplace which retains the airy vibe hot!

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Rushing into the bathroom, as always it contains more stone than additional stuff. The way the stone attaches each corner and sidewall with exotic appearance is really amazing. With a few rustic wooden exposed ceiling beams, the bathroom combines both modern and rustic amazement simultaneously. Further, an arched plaster board from stone may be an additional way to color the kitchen with country style. It effectively brings the cooking nuance just enjoy in Mediterranean country.